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Improving Flash SEO through progressive improvements and jQuery

I’ve recently finished a book on SEO, titled Building Findable Websites by AArron Walter. A lot has changed since I learned about SEO techniques. One section really got me thinking though, named Findable Flash. Ever since I’ve programmed in AS, … Continue reading

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Combining mcDropdown and Galleria with jQuery

Learn how to quickly and easily integrate the two jQuery classes to create a beautiful dropdown menu with Galleria. It works with Flickr photosets, Galleria and mcDropdown. Continue reading

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CLS-Lexitech – a translation company website where content is KING

CodeIgniter project CLS-lexitechToo many websites are dependent on Google Translate or Babelfish. If you’re a translation company, you just can afford to that. If you get the translation wrong, who will use your services? Here’s where I leveraged CodeIgniter’s language files translators could work with. Check out how. Continue reading

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Collega (Aveda) – Custom charting at it’s best

Let’s face it. Having to create a chart sucks. I created this little Flash web app to make charting FUN! (If that’s possible). Using lots of PHP, MySQL and plenty of the fun ingredient Actionscript, charts were all over the company. Check it out. Continue reading

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OIAA – A site that does… EVERYTHING

PHP Drupal CiviCRM project OIAAI know this word gets thrown around a lot, but this is a site that does EVERYTHING. By everything I mean, CMS, Contact Management, Reporting, Charting, Membership renewals, Bulk emailing, Event planning and walks your dog. (Ok not the last one). Using Drupal, CiviCRM and custom PHP programming, it truely is a site to see. Continue reading

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