Forked Up – Pilot TV show website (with CHOCLAIR!)

Forked Up - AS3 project

The Forked Up site was a very video heavy site. The client didn’t want to use a media server
to deliver the content, so I relied on the Video component’s ability to progressively download the video.

What I did:

  • Wrote all AS3 classes
  • Wrote all PHP classes
  • MySQL database schema
Challenge To create a video rich website in pure AS3 within 2 months that didn’t rely on a streaming server.
Solution Drawing on many of my pre-built classes in PHP and AS3 as well as using Flash’s components I set out to deliver a cutting edge highly interactive website. It required over 300 classes in it’s final iteration.
Delivered I was able to deliver a database driven website with many features.
Results A heavy traffic website that didn’t crash under load.
**UPDATE** – The pilot failed to get picked up so the site is unmaintained. The database is not active and therefore sections are non-functional.
Website -
Sample AS3 Source code
Sample PHP Source code
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