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Using callbacks and triggers in SimpleTween

Overview This tutorial is an extension of tutorial 1, please refer to it if you have any problems following this tutorial. In this tutorial you will be able to: Create a callback object to handle tween events Learn about the … Continue reading

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Creating the simplest of SimpleTweens

To begin my tutorials of the SimpleAnimation library I thought I’d start off with SimpleTween. It’s the workhorse of the bunch, for now You can view the result here: You can download the files here, but it’s STRONGLY recommended … Continue reading

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Introducing the SimpleAnimation library

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a Javascript library that uses similar syntax to the TweenLite library. Being a Flash Dev, I figured it may help me and other developers to transition to the world of … Continue reading

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Jeep 360 + Colorizer

One of first major JS projects was to convert the old 2010 flash 360 view of the Jeep into JavaScript. After several proof of concepts I came up with the one that’s on any vehicle landing pages. You can … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve added a post! I’ve been extremely busy doing many things at work. The biggest news is that I’ve been working primarily on javascript, so I’ve logged a lot of miles learning javascript (as you’ll see). … Continue reading

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Simple single line initialization of objects

One thing I really miss about AS2 was the simple single line initialization of new MovieClips. It was great to set the x, y, width and height properties when the MovieClip was added. So what I have done in new … Continue reading

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The ever-changing faces of Flash

Flash has evolved over the past several years from strictly being an animation tool, to Actionscript 1, 2 and now 3. But what will it morph to in the upcoming years? Based on what I’ve been reading and following on … Continue reading

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Transitioning to HTML5′s canvas

If you’re like me and interested in where HTML5 is going, especially where canvas is involved, Grant Skinner has released an awesome new library, Essentially it makes the transition from AS3 to using HTML5′s canvas that much easier. From … Continue reading

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Avoid losing customers during critical web promotions

Today a friend Tweeted about a new promotion for This site’s business model seems very similar to TeamSave or Groupon. A business puts on a promotion and if x number of people buy it, it’s a go. There deal … Continue reading

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Improving Flash SEO through progressive improvements and jQuery

I’ve recently finished a book on SEO, titled Building Findable Websites by AArron Walter. A lot has changed since I learned about SEO techniques. One section really got me thinking though, named Findable Flash. Ever since I’ve programmed in AS, … Continue reading

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