After spending 9 years in Tier 1 automotive as a Production Supervisor and Process Engineer, I decided to follow my passion into interactive development.

Gradating from Durham College, I quickly immersed myself into HTML, web standards and soon after Flash development.

Now, entering my 12th year in the IT industry and developing hundreds of sites and apps, I’ve become a seasoned developer with a grasp of all the business essentials; delivery, client focus and quality.

I’ve lead Teams of developers and been a single developer on projects, but the result is always the same… high quality work on time and within budget.

I now teach CSS at Durham College and continue to work in the field that has given me so much passion, interactive development.

You can view all the my latest work on the Projects page, or my classic work at http://www.tibbles.ca/noti.

Favorite quotes:
“Pick your career before it picks you.” – Mr.Chow, 10th Grade Math Teacher
“I’m willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.” – Samuel Goldwyn

All the opinions expressed on this blog are the opinions of Noel Tibbles and have no association to any opinions of SapientNitro.

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  1. Chris Conway says:

    Hi Noel,

    Found you name from a search for CSS training at Durham College. Can you tell me if you are doing any courses this spring. Or you do tutoring, I need some training in this subject.


    Chris Conway

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